Piston Cooling

The GET’M Garage™ Piston Cooling System optimizes engine cooling, which boosts horsepower, increases reliability and enhances longevity of today’s performance engines. And, cooler pistons allow for a more aggressive tune. Installing the GET’M Garage™ Piston Cooling System in the main webbing of the engine block allows for a cooling jet to spray the underside of the piston with oil and reduce piston temperature by flowing heat away.

The GET’M Garage™ Piston Cooling System is ideal for any engine application that includes a crankcase vacuum, nitrous, turbo, supercharger or Pro charger. In addition, GET’M Garage™ recommends piston cooling for progressively naturally aspirated drag, oval and sprint car engines.

Installation kits are available for LS, BBC, SBC, Viper, Big Block Mopar and some Ford engines and include reusable fixtures which can be used multiple times to drill similar blocks. Each installation kit includes Aluminum Drill Fixture(s), 1 drill tap (drap) 8-32 thread, 1 6” drill #28, 1 tap 8-32 thread and installation instructions. Metering jet packs (8-count) are sold separately.

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